The AMX database does not contain or disseminate the content of books or videos in alternate formats. The AMX database is intended to reduce the workload of colleges and universities producing materials in alternate formats and provide enhanced access to instructional materials in alternate formats for use by students with verified print disabilities.

Participating colleges and universities agree to observe the following terms of use in a good-faith effort to respect copyright and preserve "fair use" of these materials.

  1. Participants requesting materials in alternate formats that have been obtained directly from the publisher or distributor must contact that same publisher/distributor for permission before requesting a copy of the book in alternate format from a participating member of the AMX database. This applies to each book title requested.
  2. Participating colleges and universities will make every effort to assure that these materials are appropriately used and will label all media with language identifying them as exclusively for use by students with verified print disabilities.
  3. Participating colleges and universities will devise and maintain a written policy advising students with disabilities of appropriate usage guidelines for alternate media requested through the AMX database.
  4. Participating colleges and universities will maintain records for each student identifying verification of print disability and "proof-of-purchase" for each book title requested from other participating members of the AMX database.
  5. The AMX database is provided as a resource to all California community colleges as well as colleges and universities within the United States. Failure to observe these terms and conditions can result in loss of access to the AMX database.
  6. By placing the AMX database at a major hosting facility, incorporating security algorithms, employing industry standard-database architecture and providing regular backups of the database, the HTCTU has made every reasonable effort to provide a reliable and secure resource. Use of the AMX database is entirely voluntary. The HTCTU assumes no responsibility for server outages or loss of data. Use the AMX database at your own risk.
  7. Please do not list any electronic text or Braille files you may have received from the ATPC to the AMX Database. Embossed Braille materials are available from the ATPC for a fee to AMX users outside the California community college system.

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